Tell us a story, Daddy!
For half a century they knew I was a
writer, but, except for those in Big Sur,
almost none of them ever saw what I
wrote, published or not.
Now here is the entrance
to my oeuvre. Some of it’s
free and some costs a dollar.
To paraphrase Bob Dylan in
John Wesley Harding,
Take your pick, anyone.
My keys will be your fun.
To the mother
who gave me life and
showed me how to live it
with strength, courage, and
joy to the end.
To the father who gave me my
first typewriter and so much more.
To the brother who was my best friend
and always looked out for me. And to
all those friends and relatives who
believed me when I said
I was writing. © 2013 Andrew Clarke
My father's and my typewriter
And one of the best things,
"Gathering in the West," appeared
under another name of mine, Tomtu, in
San Francisco Oracle of the
Spiritual Revolution.